Was das Leben so mit sich bringt...

  • The Engagement Ring

    She looked at the ring at her middle finger. It was a simple golden ring with a little sapphire stone that had the color of the water of a deep ocean. When she turned it to the sun, the stone reflected the sunshine, and when she touched it she never knew how it would feel. Sometimes it was icy as an ice cube and sometimes warm as a summer wind.
    She remembered the time she got the ring as if it was yesterday. It was spring and the days were still short but the weather was already friendly. They went for a walk in a park, and walking side by side around a little lake on which shore swans were building their nests, they enjoyed watching children playing around all around and listened to branches of trees whispering in the gentle wind. They didn’t talk much; there was nothing important enough to interrupt the peaceful atmosphere for.
    His hand warmed up her little hands and his smile made her heart jump every time he sent it into her direction. It was unbelievable. They had known each other only for a couple of weeks but it felt as if it had been years.
    Nobody seemed to understand what happened between them; and sometimes neither did they.
    They got to know each other by accident. She sat in an internet cafe as her computer got crazy while she tried to send some important e-mails to her friends. She was in a hurry because she was already late for her work and as she found out that the owner of the shop wouldn’t be able to help her on time because he was busy on the phone, she panicked. The only thing about computers she knew was that they were made to anger her. She was afraid to switch the computer off because it would mean to loose everything she had written, but what else could she do?
    She looked around. The man sitting next to her drank his Cola and hadn’t much to do. Should she ask him for help? Better not. She could already imagine his remarks about stupid blond women. She would feel like a fool. However, looking at the teenage girl on the left who seemed to know what computers are for while she was half her age, she changed her mind. She preferred making a fool of herself in front of a man her age than in front of a kid.
    Just while she was wondering how to get his attention, he looked up at her. His gently brown eyes took her breath away. She forgot the e-mails she needed to send as well as her boss who was probably already waiting for her. All she knew was that she had never seen such beautiful eyes before.
    They gazed on each other and without saying a word, they both instantly knew there was something special between them. Before she knew what was going on, she had his telephone number and he had hers. Later at work, she wondered if he would ever call her.
    He did and she found out that she liked his voice on the phone even more than the day before at the internet cafe. She couldn’t wait to see him again and apparently neither did he. They met in the afternoon in a park and since then, they met every day. At the beginning, it was just in the afternoons. With the time passing by, their dates became longer and lasted until late evening. Soon, they were meeting in the morning before leaving for their work as well. The better they knew each other the more they hated every minute they weren’t together. Their shy acquaintance changed into a passionate love with the speed of a fire.
    Kissing and enjoying the warmth of each other, they spent nights with telling each other about themselves and their lives and dreams and wishes. They talked about every topic that came on their mind and even if they had some different points of view, there was never an issue that couldn’t be discussed. Their dusty town was suddenly the nicest place to live and there was nothing that could stop them from being the happiest couple in the world.
    As he suddenly knelt down on the sandy ground in the middle of the park and proposed, she saw her biggest dream come true. She was aware of all the problems that would come afterwards. Her parents would get crazy and try to make her to change her mind. Her friends would shake their heads and call her a lunatic who ignores all the statistics about couples getting married while hardly knowing each other.
    She knew that all of them would be right.
    But deep in her heart she knew that she wished nothing more than to become his wife. She loved his sense of humour and the way he looked at her. She loved waking up in his arms in the morning and listening to his voice in the evening. She loved being loved by him.
    That’s why she said “yes”. Trembling from excitement she hardly noticed that he put a ring on her finger. The engagement ring. A symbol of his love to her.. a shining symbol of a shining future.
    She never took it off her finger. She had it on couple of days later as she knocked on the door of his study to let him know that the dinner was ready. She had it on as she detected him lying on the floor, hardly breathing and with eyes full of immense fear. She had it on as she was calling the ambulance and escorting him to a hospital.
    She had it on as they told her that he had had a massive heart attack and that he would never come home again.

  • Schoen, weil ich sie einfach ist und gleichzeitig viele Bedeutungen und literaturelle Bilder hat, was sie ein schoenes blidrreiches Werk macht, was mir persoenlich gefaellt, obwohl ich von Literatur nicht verstehe.
    Romantisch, weil sie sich um Liebe und Waerme dreht.Und die schoenste Sache in unserem Leben ist die Liebe. Und jeder sehnt sich danch der Liebe, die es von dem Mutterlieb eines Tages genommen hat. Und solche eine Geschichte erinnert man immer daran.
    Traurig, weil sie kein Happyend hat aber so ist es reizend.
    Es ist sehr schoen und wunderbar, dass man so ein Talent da findet, auch wenn sie auf Englisch ist.
    Und ich hoffe, ich kann mehr und mehr von dir lesen.
    Ich danke dir und ich warte auf eine baldige Geschichte.
    GO ON, Katrin_LIoyd!

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